How Love Spoke to Me

Over the past two years, I had a revelation about Love. Love is not just a feeling. Love is also a choice. If Love was only a feeling, then why do parents stick around when their children disobey them time and time again? If Love was only a feeling, how do you explain marriages lasting 50+ years. I bet my bottom dollar that the feeling of Love did not carry them through the disagreements, annoyances, and years of life’s greatest obstacles.

I have come to understand by taking a look around, that our society has painted a picture of Love in this light of romanticism, lust, obsession, and desperation. All of these things will not stand the test of time, but I’ll tell you what will: a CONSCIOUS decision, choice, and commitment to Love. In other words, Love is a verb.

With that thought in my heart and mind. It has improved my relationships drastically! That’s a story for another day though. Let’s get to the good stuff. On my drive to work one day, I was singing some worship music, praising God for so many things in my life. 99 Problems, 99,000 Blessings (remember that), when I started thinking about all the different verbs. Then I heard a still, small whisper and it said “in the Spirit” after every verb I mentioned.

Giving in the Spirit, Loving in the Spirit, Eating in the Spirit, Thinking in the Spirit, Listening in the Spirit, the phrases went on and on.

God was showing me that you can do ALL things in His Spirit. It brought me to Phillipians 4:13, I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. That means in the diagnosis, that means in the arguments with loved ones, that means in the doubt, in the fear, in the finances, EVERYWHERE. God was also showing me that having a relationship with Him isn’t forced or unnatural, it’s simply living within Him and Him within us.

Living out this profound Word and message from God, isn’t easy when we rely on our emotions instead of His Truth, but it’s a very possible challenge I hope you are up for. It’s a challenge that yields a peace that surpasses ALL understanding (Phillipians 4:7).

I fall more in Love with God everyday because of who He is, how He speaks, and How he challenges us to be more of who He has made us to be. What a blessing and gift that He truly cares that much to help us in this temporary life.

So I leave you with this beautiful friends and readers, if you could take the feeling of peace you experience in your favorite places (nature, a new home office =), a lakeside cabin, etc.) and bring it with you in every single place you go would you? How would that enhance your life? How would that change your current state of mind?

I pray that God is using this experience to speak to you and encourage you to seek his Spirit above all else because with Him is where we are made to be.



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