How to Believe More Than You See

“Seeing is believing.”


“Believing is seeing.”

The other day I was confronted with this thought and I’ll tell you something it shook me a little. It shook me because there have been points in my life where I lived by the second vision and it was dramatically different. It shook me because I have recently been living in the first vision and guess what, it’s been drastically different but not for the better.

What would it look like to believe before you saw? When I stopped to think about it, I don’t think I ever heard someone that made a drastic difference in this world say, I waited until I saw the thing, and then I acted on the thing.


So why in my small mind did I consider this to be an option? OH.. I know, self-doubt, fear, lies I heard in my head, and the thoughts of others around me most likely.


That’s exactly what it was. But umm, I’m not really in favor of this type of lifestyle. Never was. Even at a young age I was always in favor of being what I couldn’t yet see. Being that captain of the team, being that great student, being that party girl and guess what? I believed so hard that all of these things happened. (some I wish hadn’t but, I digress.)

Could you imagine if you no one acted or took a step until they saw things physically first? Your car probably wouldn’t exist because it was created first in the mind of an engineer. Your local coffee shop probably wouldn’t be standing because it was first designed in the heart of a dreamer and small business owner. Your significant other may not even be standing next to you because they were first desired and seen in the eyes of your heart and in the whispers of deep prayers, at least for me :).

So let’s dive a little deeper here.

What are you refusing to see through your belief?

What are you restricting God from doing in your life by limiting your belief to what is seen?

Why are you limiting your vision to only what is in front of you?


The next time you are in a place of frustration, ask yourself, What do I want to see happen? (i.e. family members coming to know God, a financial burden be lifted, an addiction to be broken, a spouse to forgive you, etc.)

And now, here is the fun part:

BELIEVE it is already happening.

BELIEVE first before seeing change. BELIEVE first for the mountain tops while you are in the valleys. BELIEVE that God will answer your prayers. BELIEVE that you are not in this position forever. BELIEVE for strength. BELIEVE in HOPE!


Allow those moments of emotional distress and frustration to serve as an opportunity to practice believing BEFORE you see. Because if not, you are limiting yourself to what is physically seen. And God’s greatest work, is done in what is unseen.

So grab some popcorn and some 3d glasses because you do NOT want to miss this.

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