The Most Valuable ROI I Ever Received

What’s in it for me, I’m not getting anything out of this, where’s the ROI, what’s the point?

Common questions/statements I used to say to my selfish, self. 

As the Holy Spirit revealed to me recently,

What if I am not placed in this current position to receive? What if I am placed in this current position to GIVE.

And that’s when it all changed. Thoughts of being insufficient suddenly changed to how can I be of service? Thoughts of monetary return on investment soon became opening my eyes to seeing the countless other ways I could get paid instead.  I could get paid in experience. I could get paid in fulfillment. I could get paid in new connections. I could get paid by adding value to someone who needs it. 

Now what a relief this is. What a relief to know it isn’t only about what I can get out of a situation, but what I can give.

Now I can spend my time somewhere KNOWING I am meant to be there and knowing that others will be blessed as a result.


Next time you find yourself questioning your position, frustrated in the waiting process, or eager to move, first ask yourself: 

Am I focused on getting or am I focused on giving?

The answer will give you a better guide to the intentions behind your actions and the voice of your heart. The small adjustments that you make in response to this will rock your world, and the world of those around you, for the better. 

As Todd White so beautifully states, “people are not an inconvenience, people are an opportunity” and the more we start to operate in that way, the more we can live on purpose, in purpose: loving God, loving others.

It is more blessed to give, than it is to receive. Acts 20:35

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