How Sports Talk Can Drastically Change Your Life & Business

Asphalt Warrior

Growing up there was not a day that went by where I wasn’t engaged in some kind of sport-like activity. Basketball, soccer, gymnastics, karate, football (when the boys in my neighborhood would let me play), and whatever else I could get into.

Skinned knees and bruises were more a part of me than dresses and nail polish

and I loved every minute of it. I was a straight up tomboy. My clothes never matched, my legs never stopped, and my desire to win never dissipated. Oh and my anger for boys always counting me out encouraged my vocality to increase. They were always afraid I would beat them, and to be honest most of the time I did. I never cared what they thought and I loved playing with them because they made me better! And this is where my fearlessness of being thrown to the wolves comes from. My desire to seek out challenges, the comfortability in being uncomfortable.

Coaching Characteristics

I’m sure you can relate to this if you have played a sport. And if you didn’t there is still some incredibly valuable lessons that coaches and teammates have taught me that I know will benefit you. So don’t go anywhere we’re just getting started. 

I have had dozens of coaches over the span of my career. Some screamed, some were soft spoken, some were flat out crazy, some threw phones at brick walls, some laid on the floor in the middle of games and had tantrums (yes these actually happened). All of them taught me something though and all of them helped established character qualities in me that I still exemplify today.

Business from the Bleachers

In a conversation with a good friend of mine at an aromatic coffeeshop yesterday, we were discussing the challenges he was facing with his startup company. The self-doubt trying to keep him from progressing, the reminders of past “failures” in his eyes, and the frustration of trying to remain neutral when his emotions want to take over.

I could completely relate. I mean who couldn’t? We all have these moments that he was referring to. Moments of mental cloudiness, of fear, or being unsure about where we are going.

Sometimes we allow our emotions to take over before we even had a chance to react.

It’s like at times we aren’t even in the game were simply playing from the bleachers and as you can imagine, that doesn’t work out too well. and that’s when it hit me…

A very UNIQUE way to view this process.

Something that will drastically change the way you go about your days and especially the ones where it is evident you are not at 100%.

What is it you ask?

You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see the Challenge of the Week!

See ya then!

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