One Trick to Help You WIN in Every Situation


What? She didn’t just say that. Did she?

Society Says…

That’s right. I said in order to win you have to lose by society’s standards. We all know that’s not very high anyways so why do we desire to be like it?

Society says we must always win. We must always be first and we must always become the best, and

“if we’re not first were last.” -Ricky Bobby

I think you and I both know there have been arguments where we have “won” yet we walked away feeling defeated and more hurt than when we walked in. There have been times where we have won first place, or received a high score on a project we barely tried on and gained zero satisfaction.

It seems winning always takes precedent over loving in society.

& I think that is CLEARLY evident in the politics, terrorism, and even the line at your local starbucks by the way we treat each other. We watch doors shut in front of us because the person in front of us didn’t feel we were valuable enough to hold the door for. We watch supposed “leaders” in politics treat each other like dirt in order to gain votes and we watch the news display actions motivated by fear instead of love.

A Humbling Realization

And yet, with that being said there is something I have realized as I encounter such AWESOME people by the grace of God on my journey. This is a very simple FACT that I know nothing.  And the fact that I know nothing humbles me each and everyday. Maybe if the previous hooligans mentioned, admitted they knew nothing instead of trying so hard to prove they knew something, they would be knocked off their pedestal and humbled a bit as well. ANYWAYS I digress.

I am wrong in 95% of my encounters off the bat. Pre-conceived notions, judgement, checking the scene however you want to come to terms with the fact that we occasionally pass judgment is fine. But it does happen and I got really really good at sucking horribly at it.

Action Step

So what I decided to do was to ultimately stop doing it & accepting the FACT that these amazing humans have a piece of Christ inside of them. No matter who they are, God created them and although these people can sometimes be a challenge to love, the Holy Spirit can help me to do just that. Through the midst of all that. I decided to start focusing on the FACT that,

“Everyone you will ever meet, knows something that you don’t. -Bill Nye. 

Starting off every encounter and every day with this thought in my head started to transform me along with countless prayers to make me a more like Christ.


No matter what you know, you don’t know anything. 

And the reason for that is because every person has a different story, every person has a different lens that they are looking through so who are you to EVER say, I know… because no you don’t. I didn’t at least. & I still don’t know.

Get this though. The more that I have been not knowing(?) the more that I have been understanding God’s plan for my life. The more people I have been learning vicariously through and the more exchanges of love I see unfolding, the more I am beginning to know. & in this knowing, I am gaining so much insight about the character I desire to have.

One that can empathize deeper, sympathize longer, and serve greater just as Jesus did.


What are you really afraid of when chalking up an L on the board instead of a W?

Coming in last place? can provide extensive room for improvement,

and thinking you’re a LOSER? means that your identity is resting in things of this world and not in God putting you at risk to be falsely accused by the enemy. Because if you knew who God created you to be and what he was thinking as he created you, you would NEVER question your identity again!


This week my challenge for you is to prioritize experiences, growth, and understanding over cut-throat, win or lose, societal norms.

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