Advice for Young Millennials Seeking Worldly Success

What does it mean to succeed?
To achieve?
To accomplish?

If you have lost who you are in that process?


I was reflecting this past weekend on exactly what I saw when I scrolled through my Instagram and Facebook feeds. There was some posts that truly broke my heart. It broke my heart because of the arrogance, the pride, and the lack of authenticity that I was seeing. And what broke my heart even more was that, I was there.

I was in that place of trying to please everyone around me, of trying to pursue my passion instead of my purpose. I was in that place of an “If-then” mentality. If I only achieve this or if I only have that, then I will be happy. If I only make $1000.00 then I will be able to buy x,y, and z.

And in those moments of pursuit and expectations of the future, I had lost myself. I was so focused on who I was becoming that I forgot who I was. 


And that is why I scroll through my news feed sometimes and just hurt. I hurt because like a parent, looking after their child, I want to prevent some of that pain I experienced. I want to guide people towards a BETTER way. I want to show them that the anxiety, fear of failure, and the constant need for MORE is not the only way to live a life of influence and happiness. I want to show them that being “busy” all the time isn’t impressive, it is concerning. I want to show them that time spent on relationships with TRUE loved ones are invaluable and also time-sensitive. I want to express how temporarily satisfying these things really are.

When we attach our identities, influence, and income to things of this world, we are constantly at risk of being controlled by them.


As much as you think that you are in control of your career, your money, your followers on instagram, your house, your car, your friends, your family, at ANY moment of any day, those things can be taken away from you. And if the only way you know who you are, is through those things, than you will be completely lost with no direction. But unfortunately that is what it takes for people to finally “see the light.”

Parent mentality, concerned friend, or joy-filled Christian, my hearts desire this week is that you experience what God has for you. You experience his love and his wonderful blessings he wants to provide. & believe me they are WAY more fulfilling than ANY amount of money in your bank account, any amount of foreign cars in your garage, and any amount of followers on instagram.

Challenge Time

So I ask, Are you currently operating in who you were created to be by God? A loving, serving, present, selfless, stressed-less, purpose driven soul?

Or are you operating out of the worldly lie telling you that you are ONLY someone when you become something?



One thought on “Advice for Young Millennials Seeking Worldly Success

  1. I love this challenge Lex! It is so easy to fall into the ways of the world chasing money and material things.


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