Why I Gave Up My Goal Of Looking Fit

Wow so eloquently put! I love this post from Meg Lutes’ Blog, Tell the Barbell. Check it out and find out just what you wouldn’t think a Fit girl would post =)


The fitness world is currently a booming industry. There are so many good things that have come out of it, including many of my own goals and passions! But what has changed is the so called “image of health.” What is the image of health? Is it bikini models? Figure competitors? Body builders? Power Lifters? Cross-fitters? The truth is, there is no image of health. Health is not something you can see. It is something you can be, and be only. 

Everyone wants to look freaking good, even me! But, we get confused with where to put the ‘looks’ on our priority list. I have recently discovered that feeling good and looking good are both essential, but  are completely different elements of what health is.

What is fit?

To me, fitness is more than lifting weights and eating chicken. Fitness is mental, physical, spiritual, and overall wellness. Being fit…

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