You’re Calling ME a Child? Why Thank You!

Guess what? All my life I have been fighting this urge to act like a child. Maybe you can relate.

You try to sing or dance in public and your friends tell you to stop.

You try to take a little cat nap at work and your boss fires you. (this was FINE in kinder-garden, why the change of heart?)

You try to pursue your dreams of becoming an astronaut or starting your own adult lemonade stand and everyone around you laughs or rolls their eyes.

You look at that HUGE rain puddle and all you want to do is jump in it, but the person you’re walking with would get mad that you got them wet.

Well I have a pretty awesome challenge for you this week friends and it all stems from reverting back to your childhood!

FINALLY. FREEDOM to fingerpaint on the walls again. I’m giving you permission. I’m also giving you permission to clean it up after too!

So …

About a week ago my Mom and I were reflecting on the concept that as a child & even now I LOVE(d) doing puzzles. I would be doing 1000 piece puzzles when age appropriate puzzles were 100 pieces. I always had this passion for looking at one piece of a puzzle and knowing that it was a small part of something greater than itself.. I loved the challenge of seeing what the final product was going to be (I never looked at the pictures on the box because I thought that was cheating… I still do).

Then she said to me, “You know Health Coaching is kind of like doing a puzzle.”

and I thought HEY! She’s right. WOW. What a Health Coach does is works with a client to fit puzzle pieces together to have a more beautiful bigger picture in regards to wellness! How is it that something I loved to do when I was younger still remains today? What qualities of puzzle doing (?) is directly correlated to health coaching?

Patience, focus, collaboration, present tense mindset while seeing the bigger picture, and learning that sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right fit.

&& THAT is what makes my heart so happy. These are desires of my heart that God has instilled in me!

And he has instilled similar ones within you too!

It’s Challenge Time Friends! 

Matthew 18:3

Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

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