Scarred Superhero

Ooh. This word gets me. It gets me right in the feels. It makes me think about the feelings and the situations I try so hard to suppress. It makes me think about the times where I became someone I wasn’t, in hopes of being something for someone else. It makes me think of the tears, the time, the hurt, the aches, the blood, the sorrow. It makes me also think of Jesus and what he endured on the road to calvary on Good Friday for the sins he never committed. It makes me sad.

But enough of this sad stuff, let’s get to the happy ending? C’mon Lex. Where’s the challenge?!

I’m getting there, I promise just stay with me for a little longer.

You know those times while you were rehabbing these wounds, before they turned into scars, the healing process as they call it, well this is where YOU became YOU. This is where the climax of the story came in. The Hero entered, the Dragon appeared, and the fight scene unfolded right before your very eyes! Your heart rate increased, and with eyes widened you anxiously awaited what came next.

This is the part where you were fighting to heal, to grow, to learn, to move forward, to shock yourself with the strength you were gaining. Guess what?

You win.

Your story, no matter what happened for you to EARN these scars, isn’t over. Your story just has some AWESOME climatic, highlights (maybe some lowlights too) that show your TRUE character. That is what people can relate to. That is what people grip onto with relentless hope for your future. And that is YOU.

I get that you think your scars aren’t worth showing, or that they reveal a part of you that you no longer want to revisit but my challenge for you this week is to invite people into your story by sharing your scars.

The scars that are both external and internal.

Showing your scars instead of shielding them will

  • Empower you with a strength you have never felt before.
  • It will help you to reach new depths in your relationships
  • Will remind you that you don’t need to wait for a superhero to save you from the dragon.


Because You + God teamed up as the most EPIC dynamic duo in the game. && Spoiler Alert again, You will win EVERYTIME.

But the question is, do you WANT to win?

One thought on “Scarred Superhero

  1. Reblogged this on Tell The Barbell and commented:
    Love this post by my girl, Lex Dares You. So often we hide the things that should be shared the most. I am TAKING THE CHALLENGE and am going to share a scar with all of you. Check back on my Instagram @meg_lutes soon to see what I share. It is time we stop pretending to be perfect by only sharing our highlight reel. Let’s be real with each other. Let’s be honest. Let’s connect that deeper level, and eliminate surface living. You ARE a superhero, scars and all.


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