Realizing Rejection

Let’s set the scene here.

You just had the MOST amazing time of your life with someone. A potential significant other. You replay all the scenes in your head. You think about the way you laughed around them. You think about how comfortable you felt and just how amazing this new relationship could potentially be. You had so much in common and you exposed parts of your … soul (get your minds out of the gutter)naturally because you .

You HOPE so hard till your blue in the face. You ask yourself when you’ll see them next, will I see them next? Wonder what they’re thinking. But they have got to feel the same way. You can’t fake these feelings. So what am I afraid of? Nothing.

So a few days go by and you haven’t heard anything back yet. So you snapchat them. They open it. Nothing in response.

They probaby didnt see it. You tell yourself in an attempt to build the other person up in your head for not being an indecent human. You text them. Still nothing. OR maybe you get a REALLY nice vague text with one word and an emoji. You think to yourself, this is my chance, I’ll go for it. Muster up all the courage you have within you and ask them to hang out.

(Here’s the part where I’d like to tell you that other person responds ELATED and is anticipating every day till they see you next but, umm 1. I’m not unrealistic  2. This isn’t a Fairy Tale )

SO what’s next you ask? Nothing. No text, no call (not in this day and age), no snap, no FB message, no just nothing. But you do have one thing:


You sit there in an uncomfortable state battling between, “Why aren’t I good enough?” to “Whatever there’s a million other people in the world.”

Can there be ANYTHING gained from a situation like this? Is there any hope in being on cloud 9 one day to being 9 feet under the next? Well My answer to that is YES.

In rejection, there is REWARD and I will tell you what those are in my next video being released tomorrow so stay tuned!

Until then, rest easy knowing that the only place to go from here is up!



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