Where Did You Come From?

So this past week A LOT has happened. For starters, I got a teeth cleaning, I went for a walk, I ate/drank? an acai smoothie. As if this wasn’t enough excitement for one week, I launched this beautiful website, started a Youtube channel, and revamped my Facebook page (side note: I am completely blown away by the support and I want to virtually hug every single one of you for visiting my site).

Why did I tell you about these incredibly obvious internet happenings with the Lex Dares You brand?  Well I am SO glad you asked. I just wanted to brag to be honest. Just Kidding. Totally kidding. I wanted to call attention to the main one responsible for this LEAP of faith.

For the longest time, I would go back and forth between wanting to put myself out there and not. Often times, I would battle with the internal voice telling me how dumb I looked and how I have nothing to offer the world because I wasn’t a “professional”.

Well it wasn’t until I was introduced to a woman named Mia Davies who is a Christian Entrepreneur that reminded me of what the world had to offer me vs. what God had to offer me. I suddenly remembered who God said that I am. I remembered that if I simply placed my identity, my income, and my influence in him, he would take care of them abundantly. HOW does one forget these things?

Anyways, I started focusing on those promises. When that doubt filled voice that likes to play around in my brain tried to take over the plans God had to prosper me, I fought back. I fought back until I no longer heard that other annoying voice and I became courageous. I became bold and ready to BE who God called me to be and MAN does it feel good. I never experienced such an intense desire to inspire, but I like it.

So shout out to the Big Man upstairs for giving me the courage of a lion and the peace of a lamb to continue on this new journey. If it weren’t for Him, I would still be battling the inner voice, I’d still be thinking about taking the leap, and I would still be paralyzed with fear. However that is not longer the case.

“Greater is the One living inside of me, than he who is living in the world.”

​1 John 4:4


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