Thank You for Showing Me It is ALL the Same.

The emotions shared, the way they looked at each other, and the smiles beaming across their faces made me regret ever questioning true loves existence.

I used to drastically separate and divide the love I shared for the beach, the love I shared for my friends and family, and love for God, vs. Romantic love.

But this weekend I witnessed a beautiful matrimony. My cousin Tim and his beautiful wife Madi

As I watched the ceremony, I had an epiphany, All Love is the same. Whether you love your neighbor, you love your dog, you love your new water bottle, or you love the way the ocean makes you feel, it is all the same. There should be no division between love of any kind. All love is equal.

This made me so happy! They shared a love like I have never seen before and I think I know exactly why. God was at the center. Their marriage is centered around what is most important and I think that’s why they are so happy. There is a constant on which they are basing their new life together upon. A constant that is never changing, always loving, and forever available. =) So happy i was able to witness the event and I am so thankful to have a new found hope in the way I view love now.


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