Who I Was Is NOT Who I Am.

You have made the outright, most amazing strides of progress in the recent months that have passed. You have left your old ways behind you and you are now freed from the thoughts of regret that used to plague you.

But someone, or someones, insists on bringing up the past. Past situations where you were not at your best. Past relationships that you chose to move on from & for goodness sakes past choices that you had to suffer the harsh consequences of.

Well here’s the truth. People like to reminisce and most people like to avoid change. But you, you’re different. You have made progress. You have made HUGE changes but you are fearful of how these people will react if you tell them that you no longer wish to be associated with your past. Well, here is another truth:

The longer you allow other people to perceive you as the person you WERE, is the longer you are going to sacrifice your inner peace and happiness as the person you ARE.

You would be shocked to know what a simple comment such as, “hey, let’s leave the past in the past. I am much happier in the changes I’ve made and would rather not rehash things like that anymore.” Or “yeah, I am glad I can learn from my mistakes, I’m in a much better place now.” Odds are people don’t realize how they’re constant reminders are affecting you. Giving them a heads up will help them out for sure, but more importantly it will help your soul out. 🙂


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