Perfection Redefined

I needed to share this beautiful realization that I came to today with you.

With the you who is striving so hard to achieve a certain standard.
With the you who takes on everything and sees it as a challenge to follow through.
With the you who has come so far from where you were, but feel like it will never be enough.
With the you who does not feel beautiful every single day when they look in the mirror.
With the you who is in an identity crisis trying to decipher where you belong, what you will do, and why you are here.
With the you who thinks that perfection is attainable or just about as close as you can get is.

I am sharing this realization with not only you, but with me.
All of these things that we are striving to accomplish, feel, achieve, appear as.. etc. will never be 100% fulfilled! & I couldn’t be happier.

You know why?

Because the more people I meet and the more people I grow to know I am seeing that their imperfections are undeniably beautiful. Amazingly unique! If it weren’t for these “imperfections” these humans wouldn’t be who they are. & Although some might talk a lot and others might complain about the freckles on their face, they are imperfectly perfect. 

Striving for perfection is completely okay with me as long as we now understand that Perfection can only be defined by the imperfection we possess in every aspect of our wonderfully flawed selves.


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