Weekly Discoveries & A Touch of L<3VE

Life can be tough sometimes man, but as long as you learn from the beautiful struggles, you realize they are necessary. These struggles reveal a wonderful opportunity for building the strength of your character.
A few recent discoveries this past week:

  • The hardest things and the right things are sometimes the same.
  • Recognizing that I can’t do everything I want all at once (still salty about this).
  • Prioritizing is a priority (irony ? or oxymoron?)
  • There really is not enough time in the day
  • God is so good. Blessing after blessing & seeing him work in others so diligently
  • Starbucks coffee is a God send.
  • Trying to gain control over everything in you life is a sure-fire way to become stressed, depressed, and anxious.
  • Trent Shelton (Google him) seeing him live, in Philly was one of the most moving experiences I have ever attended.
  • Acts of Love are everywhere. Having trouble seeing them? Open your heart and eyes, or make an act of love yourself =)

    Wow… I had to stop at this moment. When I was holding back tears in the starbucks coffee shop. The couple next to me was holding hands and intently staring into each others eyes, while I continued to type. It was just than that my wifi disconnected and I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. She looked at him with a pain-filled smile and said “I remember my long, luscious locks. Now they are all gone. But all your exes had blonde long hair.” He looked back at her not saying a word but smiled through his pain back at her and gripped her hands. He said, “All those girls were before you, and all that matters now is you. not any of the people before you and there will be no one after.” Then she said, “Will you rub sunscreen on my head this summer?” & He responded in a very distant, confused, denying tone with a yes. She said, “After my treatments I will need sunscreen especially on my head.”

    My eyes filled with tears and I tried to look busy typing and backspacing on my screen. I was so thankful and blessed to see this example of love in such a beautiful way between two people. & I think God was showing me yet another way love is constantly surrounding me.

The conclusion I have come to is this: Maybe we know what we’re looking for and maybe we don’t. Either way, if love is always the motive, in the struggles and the success, everything will be just fine. & if you have trouble believing that, just take a look at the acts of love surrounding you.


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