Shift Into DRIVE

Go. Stop. Run. Hide. Fast. Slow. Backwards. Forwards.
As I was thinking about how life plays out, and just why some people reach their goals & others don’t, these words came to mind. I started intently listening to the motivational Soundcloud clip I had found when something (figuratively) hit me.

The more and more I thought about where life has taken me, I came to a realization of a metaphor that I thought of once or twice before. Life, like a car (preferably a Jeep Wrangler) has gears. There are certain gears that you shift through in life such as when things are good or bad. You might shift into neutral and coast along when everything is going your way. When things are bad you might shift into park and decide that shutting off is inevitable. At times you may even put it in reverse and watch everything in your rear-view start catching up to you again.

With these gears in mind, there is one that I have saved for last. DRIVE. This option is the most important & in my eyes, the one that needs to be utilized most often. DRIVE allows you to move through things and scenes or DRIVE to them. Either way you are moving in a positive forward direction & that is when you will see the most fascinating & wonderful scenery.

So next time you’re thinking about switching gears, I challenge & encourage you to throw that bad boy in DRIVE & watch the roads wind in your favor.


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