Once Upon a Wish … for Weakness

It is true and I do admit that at points in my life I have wished for my situation to be easier. I have wished for people to be more understanding. I have wished for my journey to move faster to get to my destination. I have wished for the body of fitness models without having to work for it. But what was I really wishing for? NONSENSE.

What I wouldn’t trade for the world are the feelings, mindset, and zest for life I have acquired on my journey. Yeah, sometimes I hoped for a workout to end, but thank God it didn’t. Thank God I have experienced the last PUSH. Thank God I experienced the dripping sweat, the pain, the confusion. Thank God the voice in the back of my head was finally silenced by doing what I thought I could not. Because it made me stronger and more able than ever before. I would much rather work hard and EARN the fruits of my labor than have it handed to me on a silver platter.

Let’s end with the cliche, “be careful what you wish for.” But allow me to define what exactly I was wishing for: Laziness, weakness, ignorance, & lack of faith in my ability and in God’s.

Next time you wish for something just take a second to think, What am I really gaining if this wish were to come true? If the risk is not worth the reward put that genie back in its magic lamp and toss it far, far away. This way it can never interfere with the amazing beauty and strength that is unfolding within you ever again.

& you lived happily ever after <3.


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