Be Here. Be Now… But, How?

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” -Lao Tzu

Okay so you’re telling me that I need to forget (or remember) all the stupid things I did previously as a result of too many shots.Ignore the people that have broke me & somehow make all of my anxiety about, Oh .. I don’t know the fact that I’m graduating in 2 months, have a huge group project due in two weeks, and work 30 hours a week on top of all this, just disappear and live “in the present” ? Sounds a little unrealistic and by little I mean undoubtedly.

Well I would have to agree with you a few months ago, but luckily I am no longer experiencing bouts of regret, frustration, or anxiety. I learned how to stay in the current moment and by doing this, I have completely transformed my life.

A few tips that have helped me to stay in the present moment are these:

> Establish a firm foundation in something greater than you. Knowing that someone or something else is already taking care of you in a much greater way helps to relieve some pressure that you have placed on yourself

> Meditate – Yes. Sit on the ground. Breathe in, breathe out, Guided meditations on youtube, spotify, pandora are a great way to start or you can go old school and just focus on the breaths entering and exiting your lungs. Whenever a thought tries to come to the party, kick it out like it didn’t have fives.

> Resolve – anything plaguing you. An unresolved fight, a bitter ex, clearing up things from your past will dissolve anything that has been weighing on you and your mind.

> Ignore – the mind. Especially the thoughts that try to doubt you. The ones that say this is stupid or I am tired. or I CANT. Ignore the people around you who fear your success and happiness over theirs.

> Energize – your daily activities. Put more UMPH into everything you do in that VERY moment. Live with passion. And if someone deflects a nice gesture or puts it down that is a reflection of them not you. Keep doing you boo boo & do it well =)

> be Consistent – Realize this isn’t a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual thing. It’s for life thing. Habit makes happiness.

> Smile – and laugh a lot. Even if it isn’t funny to others. Acknowledge the feelings within you and embrace them. It feels good and you will do this so often when you are living in the present because anxiety and depression no longer exist.

We can read all the books we want. We can wish and hope until were blue in the face or until we have dream clouds of unicorns above our heads but, until we put these skills and tips into everyday practice you are only fooling yourself.

You deserve happiness though. You deserve to feel what it’s like to not worry. You deserve what it feels like to truly live because you were made to do so. Never deny yourself that right.


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