WOW Factor

On a day to day basis. Life somehow seems to grow a bit harder. The load on our shoulders increases just a bit, relationship strains are all too common, getting up in the morning feels like pushing a boulder up a hill, and for goodness sake when did those black bags under my eyes arrive? Before you know it, the whole “YOU” and “me” and “my” fades somewhere far away and you lose sight of who you are and who you have the unlimited potential to be.

Somewhere between the moans, groans, work, hangovers, ex-boyfriends, deadlines, meetings, sport practices, and classes, you lose touch with yourself. You lose sight of who you want to be and what goals you would have liked to accomplish by now. Well here’s the thing, and listen close: YOU have something that no one else in the entire world has. Something so amazing that will allow you to channel your unlimited potential and become the YOU that is meant to be. You.., have a WOW factor.

This WOW factor isn’t necessarily always visible from the outside. It can be channeled by thinking back to what makes your heart beat just a little bit faster. What makes you smile uncontrollably? What are you undeniably passionate about? What did you want to do before people starting doubting you?  Ponder these thoughts. Generate some feedback with yourself and re-discover you!

Here’s the good news: You are capable of attaining it because your born with it. It is your passion, your purpose, and your right to pursue it. After all this is YOUR life, and letting anyone else dictate, suppress, or plan it for you is ridiculous.

So next time your feeling down or lost remember YOU have something in yourself that can give you the energy, happiness, and support you are seeking, however it is up to you to reveal it.


One thought on “WOW Factor

  1. Reblogged this on What i know now… and commented:
    Meet a girl who’s just as driven as me. What can I say, we both have that “wow factor…”

    Check out her latest blog post & get inspired.
    Or at least bookmark it for later…
    You know, for when he decides to dick you over and you have to call your friends (that you’ve been ditching for the past 3 months bc of him) because you don’t want to be “alone.”


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